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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

0 Interesting Characteristics of a Left-Handed Person

For every 10 individual, there is one who is left-handed. And most of the left handed are males and among twins, one of them is left-handed.
There are many differences between a left-handed and right-handed individual not only in their way of writing but also in handling different objects, using scissors, throwing and catching.
During the 17th century, left-handed were believed to be supporters of dark forces. This is a belief in France because according to them the devil blessed his supporters using his left-hand.
According to research done by Dr. Alan Searleman of St. Lawrence University in New York, he found that most left-handed are intelligent and has a higher IQ scores compared to the right-handed.
According to Searleman, left-handed individuals are intellectually advanced and have high language skills. This maybe the reason why many left-handed persons are into creative profession.
Most left-handed are facing right when writing and drawing. Speech deformation and dyslexia are usual disease among left-handed.
Left-handed persons are also good in tennis, baseball and swimming. Scientist also found out that left-handed persons reached puberty stage 4 to 5 months earlier compared to right-handed individuals.(kahkahkah *gelak guling2*)
It was also found that 4 out of 5 original Macintosh computer designers are left-handed and 25% Apollo astronauts are also left-handed.
Researcher also found out that left-handed persons have a shorter life span compared to right-handed.
Why are there people who are left-handed and what is the reason why they are left-handed?
Hand-orientation of babies develops while they are still in the womb and most of the time this is the hand stuck to the mouth.
There is also what they call Geschwind Theory, formulated by Norman Geschwind, a neurologist. According to Geschwind, if a child is exposed to higher testosterone levels before he/she was born, he will be left-handed.
For your information out of 17 US Presidents, 6 are left-handed. Among them are Gerald R. Ford (1974 - 1977); Ronald Reagan (1981 - 1989); George H.W. Bush (1989 - 1993) at Bill Clinton (1993 รข€“ 2001).
Barack Obama is also left-handed.

from: www.cjreport.com

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